2012 Year in Review

This year I graduated high school– an event that seemed incredibly far away at one point in my life.

I went to prom. On this I say, “Better an ‘Oh, well,’ than a ‘What if?'”

I took French 202 and Comparative Religion 103 at Miami University, which was awesome (and free!).

I gave my first sermon at Grace Pointe Church which (I hope) was well received.

I quit my job at Frisch’s.

I started attending Oral Roberts University for a degree in Pastoral Ministry (praise God!) and met so many awesome people and made true friends.

I got 1 C, 3 Bs, and 2 As at the end of the fall semester.

I spent fall and Christmas break back in Oxford, OH.

I survived the Mayan doomsday.

I picked my job back up.

I quit my job again.

I grew, I changed, I ate lots of food.


Let us make the most of 2013! Glory to the Father!

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