About the Oxford Comma


The oxford comma is a feature of punctuation that has been deemed unnecessary, though some still choose to use it. This comma is found as the last of a list. The following sentence provides an example:

The wondrous Mr. Jablonski used cologne, antiperspirant, and breath mints to hide the stench of garlic from his recent outing.

The oxford comma falls after the word, “antiperspirant.” Though linguists have deemed the comma unnecessary, some still choose to use it as part of their own style.

In a related subject, I am a firm believer that an opinion should be expressed only when others want to hear it. That said, I also believe that readers of a blog participate in the reading to experience the mind of another.

Much like the aforementioned outcast punctuation mark, my thoughts are unnecessary, but advocated. I provide them as a window into my mind. Please explore the links on the side, to gain insight into my world.