A Criminal Since Eden

I recently entered a 100-word microfiction contest through NYC Midnight. I’d never written any sort of microfiction before, but I enjoyed the challenge. All participants were grouped into specific conditions that had to be met. My group had to write a sci-fi story about robbing a bank using the word “develop.”

The results came last night. I did not make the top 20 in my round to move on, unfortunately, though I did get an honorable mention. And out of roughly 100 entries in my group, I’ll take it. So, here was my submission:

A Criminal Since Eden

As I pointed my laser-blaster at the teller, noting the fear in her eyes, I couldn’t help but think of my ancestors. Likely, they would be ashamed their legacy was tarnished by such scum, but what little shame I could muster didn’t lower my aim.

“Why do this?” she pleaded. Centuries of technological developments and modern marvels made most think in this day, on this planet “safe-haven” no one would buck the status-quo.

I heard the sirens. Speed was key. “There’s been a criminal since Eden,” I told her, squeezing the trigger.

And there always will be.

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