Full of Inspiration

A couple months ago, I posted a poem called, “The State of Things.” Despite its first line, it took inspiration from the following poem I wrote in 2012. I think it describes the current state of things. This summer is to be a summer of creativity. Reading and ‘riting (no ‘rithmetic). I’m not sure how much will be posted on this blog, but hopefully we’ll get some good gems. For now, enjoy this blast from the past.


Full of inspiration, with nothing to write—

I sat there. He said, “Let it flow.

“Let it come from within. Let it grow, let it blossom—

“And all around you things bloom into being.”

I responded by sitting behind this machine, clunking away at its capital letters.

The forest was there, as an imaginative forethought—

For now, I must sit here, tending my garden.

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