A Rambling

Greetings, readers! I’m once again waiting until the last minute to post a monthly something on this blog. While you may think I missed last month, I actually posted on my other blog, and though I never specified, I believe that counts. But I am getting excited. Why?

NaNoWriMo is here!

That’s National Novel Writing Month, for those that don’t know. The entire month of November, I’ll be writing a minimum of 50,000 words. What am I writing this year? Well, I decided to fully explore the idea I’ve posted several snippets of on this blog before: Plunder the Children. Four of my previous posts deal with this story, but I’ll be changing the plot slightly for the full novel. While usually I head into November without much planning, I’ve decided to outline the entire book this month before I write it. Hopefully this will help me get through one of these NaNoWriMo months with a full first draft novel. Without a sure direction in my writing travels, I often stumble into the procrastination nightmare known as editing. I constantly edit my work instead of getting everything on paper. The hope is that this year will be different.

I may publish snippets of the story on here… Or I may not. I haven’t decided yet. But this will be a busy month.

Do you have a story you wish to get out there? Please, join NaNoWriMo! It’s not too late. Get a full-fledged novel a-workin’!

I think that’s all I wanted to say. Slow news day, I guess. Hey, until next time.


If you want to follow my progress through NaNoWriMo, click

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