There is More


It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Though I doubt you, dear readers, have suffered any sort of catastrophic consequences due to the lack of content within this blog. (I have updated my other blog with a semblance of regularity, if you care to check it out.). And though what you are reading right now is no doubt a new blog post, it will not add much to the blog as a general whole. In fact, it will only add one thought to your mind, and it is up to you to process it and apply it to your life. I will provide my thoughts subsequently, so as to show I have reacted to the thought myself, but what you do what the thought is entirely dependent on you. That thought is this:

There is more.

I remember some time ago, a good friend named Doug Sheldon entitled one of his church services, “There is More.” (“But Joey, this isn’t your Christian blog. You’ve tricked me and are trying to shove your religion down my throat!” “I make no apologies for my Christianity, and will post what I feel would better suit each blog as seen fit.”) He told us that there is always more to be had, when it comes to God. There is more love. More grace. More blessing. We seem to settle for less than what is available, but there is more! And this is where my life comes in. Have I settled for less? Do I see work ahead and shy away from it, though knowing a reward waits on the other side? Do I see the promise of greener pastures but look down to find my pastures green enough?

Yes I do. There is more.

I’m tired of living like this. I’m tired of settling. There is more to be had. When did it become okay to belittle wanting an education? Intelligence? Wisdom? When did the honest pursuit of a better life get looked down upon as if America (the land of opportunity) had some sort of unwritten, yet strict caste system? When did it become weird to live your life for the glory of the Creator? I don’t know where along the line I started settling. But I know where I am, and I know where I can be. There’s a gulf to cross. There is more.

God has given me talents. I plan to write more. I plan to draw more.

I am in college. I plan to use the resources available to me learn more. I plan to know more.

I plan to read more. Fiction and nonfiction alike; there’s wisdom to be had.

I plan to do more. There are people out there who need me. People I know. People I have never even met. They need what I have.

I plan to pray more. To be in communion with God more. Jesus paid the penalty of my sins; the least I can do is give him with the same weight, my attention and my life.

I don’t know who you are, dear reader, or where you are in life. I don’t know if you’re paying for the mistakes of your past or your friends. I don’t know if you’re living the good life, with an overflow of plenty. But it does not matter. Whatever your lot in life is, there is more. There is more. There is more. Resolve to believe that, and actively pursue that.

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