Hunger and Heartburn

Well, how are you doing, faithful readers?

Yes, it has been a while. A long while. I’m sorry about that.  Seriously. But I plan to be writing more, on this blog and my other one.

Oh? You didn’t know I had another one? It’s been so long, I’d quite forgotten myself.
But there it is, right over there on the left sidebar, patiently awaiting your arrival. “No Longer Oxford.” Clever, no?

I have little to write about for now, except to comment that I am going to write more soon. Creative juices are flowing. Not as strong as they once were, but I’m increasing my dosages of caffeine and inspiration. The juices will be more concentrated as time passes.

Keep an eye on the blog. More material will be pumped out. Please don’t give up hope on me.


Also, why can hunger and heartburn exist at the same time? I feel like that should be illegal. And why do I forget I am the proud owner of Tums®, and instead allow this abysmal state to continue?


In other words,
Joseph L.A. Hall

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