What a Mighty God we Serve

Today is the shining culmination of what has come to be known as Passion Week. That is to say, it’s Easter Sunday (or for those who can’t associate with the barbaric tradition of hunting for candy-filled eggs, Resurrection Sunday). What a day! This is a day to be spent in jubilation!

What a mighty God we serve! His love was so great, He let nothing stand in His way. He sent His Son to Earth, clothed in human flesh, to right what had been made wrong. Fully God and fully man, Jesus of Nazareth lived among Creation, exposing hypocrisy and revealing true holy living. And in the ultimate expression of love, He allowed Himself to become sin, letting His body be torn and His blood be poured, sacrificing Himself for the sins of all—the perfect sacrifice.

And it is on this day, two-thousand-some-odd years ago, that His tomb was found empty. When His friends looked for Him, He was nowhere to be found. He had risen! He defeated death, rendering it powerless over those who love Him. He became sin for us, and we no longer have to live in this darkness. His love conquered all—all! He loves you, dear reader. God loves you so much, He did not even allow His own Son to be spared (knowing He would return to life), all so that you would not need to spend eternity in separation from Him.


Rejoice! Rejoice! He has risen! He has risen, indeed.

May you all have a wonderful Easter.

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